Saturday, December 28, 2013

Tangerine Dreams (a project completed)

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my attempt to candy whole clementines. It did take a little over two weeks but the result is beautiful and delicious. In the process, some of them collapsed so I teased out the seeds, chopped the peel and flesh to make an ingredient or topping for (almost) anything; from pancakes to cheesecake.

I can just imagine these enrobed with dark chocolate! This year, the prettiest ones made unique gifts.

(Preserving fruit in sugar syrup (honey or palm syrups) has been done for thousands of years. The technique was refined in Semitic cultures and brought to Europe during Moorish expansion North.)  

From A Tangerine Tree

To a Christmas Tree




  1. Just terrific Chris. What a fantastic Clementine transformation, we always enjoy them during the wintertime but I never dreamed they could look like this!


  2. Middlemac thank you Sadly, they don't grow here and the ones we found in Jacksonville were the smallest I've ever seen.
    Is there also an Eldermac and a Juniormac?

  3. They are exquisite. Like medieval gems

  4. We saw a bag of tiny mandarins at Aldi yesterday and I thought about you. Maybe I'll give it a try.